Jewish - refreshing seen the Middle East problem [Part] ...

Also with respect to now ISIL

Jewish - refreshing seen the Middle East problem [Part] ... Market is changing day to day, but it seems like not a movement of exactly textbook, it has become a pretty situation political color is strong. Also with respect to now ISIL (Islamic State), it is in the background it seems that there is a US-Russia confrontation. European ego has caused the Middle East conflict The first place the wake of the Middle East conflict, dates back to the post-war process of the First World War. Ottoman Turkey dismantling. To Saikusupiko agreement date, draft by Middle East expert Mark Sykes and the French diplomat François Georges = pico of the United Kingdom was created, was promised the United Kingdom, France, the division of the Ottoman Empire, which was signed between the Russian secret agreement has been the beginning of the problem. Is a victorious powers the three countries, I was allowed to divide the Islamic countries in their countries of speculation. Without permission it is not minus the border. The first place for the Muslims, the world is so there is the idea that one.

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