Jewish - refreshing seen the Middle East problem [Part] ...

Health problem serious in the Earth column] sugar high intake

Jewish - refreshing seen the Middle East problem [Part] ... Eating habits in the background of the Middle East problem? Confectionery in the Middle East using without regret a large amount of sugar and butter, it is exciting to Japan, Europe and the United States lukewarm tongue was accustomed to elegant desserts and sweets. And [would be culture shock], Arab Israeli woman chef Nof Ata Muna = Ismail's laugh. When asked the cook school in Israel's commercial city Tel Aviv a lecturer, it was just a day of lectures and training of Arab sweets. Eggs of Israel's chef [but is nice to make, a little to eat] and wry smile to mind the body weight. Still, the Middle East sweets of charm, and would taste once, or get used to the intense sweetness, whether to Hata also paralysis, dangerous because come tinged with addictive.

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