Jewish - refreshing seen the Middle East problem [Part] ...

How such should correspond to the Middle East problem Japan? Agora

Jewish - refreshing seen the Middle East problem [Part] ... Jasmine revolution in Tunisia, followed by Egypt, to the anti-government movement in Yemen, President Obama of the United States, Secretary of State Clinton, timely, has issued a clear message. By it, it is a party to, Egypt, as well as Yemen only, the world understand the American policy, as a result, financial markets, stock markets, commodity markets and foreign exchange markets regained composure, all the world is a benefits It has enjoyed. Intellectuals to criticize the internal affairs interference by the United States, but also are commentators, have forgotten that there are I also benefited from the market. I think rebellious junior high school students who live under the parents of asylum is, parent to the same low level as are rebellious, and indeed childish story. European countries follow the basic America.

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